You Caused This part 4


Chapter three: Don’t Lose your way 


Kon had told the shippers about how Robin shown him, his favorite move. The Land Before Time, and told him how even though it was sad it told to hold on to have hope and preserve though the hard times. Something Gothamites knew and lived by. It’s hard, tough, yet you keep going.  You’ll get  there in the end. That was what he told a female reporter who had read a fic about them watching The Land Before Time and said she had read somewhere that it was Robin’s favorite movie, was that true and why?

Two days later Theaters in Gotham were having revival showings and DVD sales skyrocketed. The Wayne Foundation even had a charity showing that had Diana Ross come and sing the Closing title song. It was the first charity event in a long time that anyone could remember not getting crashed by Villains.

The Kon-El branch became the Historians of the Cult and keep track of all the earth’s House of -El. Recording the momentous and not so moments of there lives. They also make gourmet coffee and chocolates they sale over the internet. Konkona Coffee and Chocolates was a small niche market but they had one of the best ads on the net. Superboy hand delivering a bag of coffee beans and a box of chocolates to  Timothy Drake-Wayne in front of the Flagg ship of Drake Industries in Gotham City.

It was a quick five minute shoot before Tim had taken Superboy to Gotham General to visit a Make a Wish child. Even Batman would bend his No Metas ban if it was to see a sick kid.

Bruce had even let Nightwing go to record Superboy and Robin read kid friendly RPF  fan fiction about them and the three them watching the Land Before Time with her.

A week they sent a video with a guided tour of the island and an invitation to come for a visit when she felt well enough. After Kon had died  and the new Robin had shown up in Gotham. Tim went back to see Chelsea during the day when both Dick and Damion would be unable to fallow him.

By then everyone knew about Batman Inc. So when he told her that the offer  to visit Kon’s island was still viable and she asked how he knew that. He let her in on two of the biggest secrets of this life. That up until recently he was Robin. Also the fact that he and Kon had already did the Kryptonian version of a hand fasting, and were half way thru all the Kryptonian marriage rites.


A/N: I have now type up all that I had written down so far. There may be some lag now that I need to go back to writing more down.

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You Caused This 3/?

Chapter Three: Tell you I set you apart


Everyone knows that Lex Luthor is Superboy’s other father. Someone trying to hurt Superman or Lex, maybe even both had leaked that information.

Lionel Luthor, the one from Lex’s earth was vaguely known here along with some of his misdeeds. So Tim and Lex help spread the fact that Lionel had a clone of Lex who was healthy, not ‘weak’ made and replaced Lex around the time Lex went evil. This was also a precursor to why ‘cloning’ Superman was a success.

The island is only a five or six mile wide one that is vaguely diamond shaped like the Shield all the Supers wear. The Shippers as they like to be called, maintain the house that Kon  has on the other side of the island. They were the ones to construct the small two lane road that was shaped like an S or the symbol for the House of El. They were also the ones who found the niche that the branch filled in the cult as a whole.

Kon had known that  their was RPF of them out on the net. He’d always thought it was cute. He knew when it was being written by a branch member because thy  would always label it as AU. He’d indulge them with little tidbits about Robin or himself. Even on Kryptonian Customs and tell them that Kara-El would be the better source for living customs cause he just had the genetic repository.

That was how two things happened. A yearly retreat to learn about Krypton in general and to focus on one subject a year with Supergirl, Kara-El, and The Land Before Time became the number one movie in Gotham.





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You Caused this part 2/?

Chapter Two: I was lost 

When Tim found the information on how to bring Bruce back. It and the proof that he was stuck in time were passed on thru Orical. Lex the took his Son-in-Law to Hawaii, to visit the home Kon has out there away from all the fuss and fallout. The fallout was rather quick. After a few days of being back, Bruce finally asked if Tim was off on a Teen Titians mission and what his new code name was. Only to find out that he’d not given up being Robin, but was forced out of it by Dick. Then as far as anyone knew Tim hadn’t taken up a new mantel, or that of Nightwing that Jason sometimes filled.

Lucius was the one to tell Bruce that Tim didn’t even live in Gotham anymore. He worked remotely and flew in on Drake Incorporated planes for big meetings.


Hawaii was nice and relaxing. Kon had a small island that he bought a place on. Then the offshoot from the Cult of Rao that fallowed him had bought the rest of the island. They a retreat and cultural center on the other side of the island. It had all been signed over to Kon, they just wanted to keep the retreat and cultural center and for Kon to tell them what he knew about Kryptonian culture and Rao.

The Branch of Kon-El knew that Lex was not the same Lex from before the new Crisis. They held a welcoming feast for the arrival. That was where Tim and Lex found out about the offshoot dedicated to Tim and how about half the Branch of Kon-El have been shipping Superboy/Robin since the days of Young Justice. Kon had talked about this offshoot a bit when it was late at night and they were the only two up.

The group had been smart to clam that anything having to do with Robin was handled only by them. When anyone asked about Superboy and who he was with, or who Robin was they were all mumm’s the word.

When it looked like something could be there to Conner Kent and Tim Drake, Kon had asked if he could list him as next of kin on all of the paper work his agent gave him. Paper work that Kon then in turn gave to Tim to look at . SO they came up with using ‘Alvan Draper’. Tim had set up a whole new Alvan Robin Draper just for all of the paperwork he had with Kon. At thirteen he had found the love of his life. Even if he was only ever going to be his best friend.




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You Caused This part 1/?


Chapter one: I’ll use you as a makeshift Gate


You Caused this 

By DeMa


Chapter One 

I’ll use you as a makeshift Gate


Bruce was lost in time.

Robin was taken away from me.

The one I Love most is dead.



Lex Luthor, the one I never expected came to me. Ra’s Al Ghul wanted to test me. To test my worthiness to father his heir.

The Lex we had now, he’s not the same Luthor that we’ve known for years. This one was in Smallville the day Kal’s craft crashed. He knew Clark Kent as a teenager. To find out he had a son with Clark of all people. A son who died loving Tim. That they had gone half way thru the long term Marriage rites of Krypton. That Tim was for all purposes a member of the House of El, and by exstantion a Luthor.


Tim already had the hit List going when Dick took away Robin. He could have just made up a new mantel of his own and carried on. Maybe that’s what Dick thought would happen. Instead Lex had Hope and Mercy to have people finish putting it into action.


Lucius Fox had seen what Hush was doing and activated Bruce’s living Will. Tim then in turn made Lucius acting CEO and then headed out to Smallville.

Lex had set aside money for Kon. Kon had, has an agent that had added ‘Alvin Draper’ as his next of kin to all his finances as Superboy. Tim took half of it and reinvested it. Then out of the other half he took out some money to make improvements to the Farm.

There was now an old Scottish castle just on the other side of the backside of the farm. Lex said it was the one he grew up in and had lived in when he lived in Smallville when he ran he plant. He had given it over to Tim, well to Kon and Tim.

When ever Clark or anyone from the Cape and Cowle set came over the Castle is where Tim would go hide. Martha always saying how Tim had come for a visit before going on to wherever else he went.

The castle was great for trying to find out when and how to bring Bruce back.  Working on that while remotely running both Wayne Tech and Drake Industries.

They took down Ra’s who was not happy to find out he had no way to get a hold of Wayne Tech. Nore was he happy to find out it was Lex who had handled all the upfront work to bring Ra’s down. All because he went after his grieving son-in-law. After all Luthor’s can only take so much before they destroy what tries to destroy them.




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Writing again… I hope

So I started writing again. Since I write it all down in long hand and then have to type it up. I don’t think I’ll get to far with the fic bunny in my head but I’m trying.

I’m thinking of posting it here too.


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Keira posted a new Ties the Bind!!! YEAHHH!!!

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Well I’m in oklahoma so everyone knows we got snow for chistmas. It was three days later when we founs out that we made the national news because it was all local all the time here.

Well we finally got everyone together for christmas yesterday and did it on New Years Day.

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Team Jacob UNITE!

SO I went to see new moon. I know I know I still haven’t seen twilight.
But then I love Jacob so I went. It was great well minus the crying baby that someone brought to the movie.

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Book Rec!

Okay I just spent the day reading ‘I am a Genius of unspeakable Evil and I want to be your Class president’ By Josh Lieb.

I have to say if you want a great read this is it. I know It’s a young adult or Kids book. But it reads like an adult book from a child’s prospective.

I mostly see it as a what Rodney McKay’s childhood must have been like. Or if he was growing up today. This book would be how he would most likely do things. Its a wonderful book full of fun and laughing and very entertaning. You just don’t eve want to put it down.

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Hi HI !!

Well this is my first post!

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